Hello, I’m Maham. Nice to meet you.

As an experienced DevRel Content Developer with a passion for creating engaging written and video content, I bring over 6 years of expertise in working with open-source frameworks like WordPress and Next.js.

Throughout my career, I have taken pride in being a published author, having written more than 50 developer-focused how-to guides and tutorials. Additionally, I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge as a regular speaker at various tech events and conferences, including WordSesh, DO Meetup 2019, and TheOpenDevConf. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to teach and empower over 2000 developers through video courses and workshops, helping them to excel in their careers while working remotely.

At Rapid DevRel team, I served as a DevRel Technical Writer and Content Developer, crafting compelling video courses to help developers learn API building and API lifecycle management. My work has been featured and published in reputable platforms such as Rapid, How-To-WP, TheDevCouple, Medium, and Noteworthy the Journal.

One of my key strengths lies in content formatting and templating, where I have successfully revamped content structures and devised comprehensive publishing strategies. By implementing style guide elements such as synchronized paragraphs, high-quality images, and videos, I ensured an increased level of user engagement.

Throughout my experience, I have been actively involved in planning and creating video courses on topics like API Lifecycle Management, API Testing, WordPress, and Next.js. My successful social marketing campaigns on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok have garnered over 50k views for Rapid.

As a Technical Content Writer and Developer, I have worked on diverse projects with 200,000+ page views, crafting in-depth tutorials, beginner to advanced guides, screencasts, and infographics related to WordPress, Cloud Security, and Deployment. My role as a content lead involved organizing events and content activities, showcasing my ability to manage remote work in multiple time zones.

Furthermore, my expertise extends to curating GitHub documentation and running content marketing strategies, collaborating with development teams to create exceptional open-source projects. I have also played a pivotal role in conducting in-depth reviews focusing on WordPress products, plugins, themes, and hosting services.

I take great pride in my dedication to creating SEO-friendly content that ranks on the first page of Google SERPs, enabling businesses to achieve their KPIs. My leadership as a team lead has driven substantial growth, expanding brand awareness, followers, and leads, resulting in a significant increase in page views and sales.

Additionally, I have had the privilege of training and consulting with Civil Engineers, helping them build impressive portfolio websites with WordPress. My passion for WordPress and its ability to cater to a non-technical audience was showcased through my representation at WordSesh, where I emphasized the importance of leveraging WordPress for a wide range of users.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I hold a Master’s degree in Project Management where I ranked among the top 10 students.