DevRel Content Developer who has been creating written and video content for the last 6 years. I have worked with different open-source frameworks like WordPress and Next.js. As a published author, I’ve written over 50 developer-focused how-to guides and tutorials. A regular speaker at tech events and conferences like WordSesh, DO Meetup 2019, and TheOpenDevConf. Have taught over 2000 devs from video courses and workshops.
– DevRel Technical Writer & Content Developer at Rapid DevRel team.
– Technical Video Creator: Video course author to help developers learn API building, API lifecycle management, WordPress & more.
– Featured & Published Author at Rapid, How-To-WP, TheDevCouple, Medium, Noteworthy the Journal, & more.
– Taught 1000+ Devs by conducting 10+ workshops & helped them earn a living while working remotely.
– International Speaker at conferences like WordSesh, TheOpenDevCon, ICOSST, and IET PATW.

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