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website needs and budget

How to Speed Up A WordPress Website?

If you talk about web performance optimization, then improving page loading time should be number one on your To-Do list. Today, fast is everything and website speed is no longer a luxury instead, it’s a necessity. Sitting in front of the computer while staring at a blank screen, and waiting for a WordPress website to load fully and appear in front of you is a bad user experience.

In this article, you are going to learn the perks of having a fast website, how to identify that your website is slow, and then finally some of the ways which can help you get a fast loading WordPress website.


How to Choose A WordPress Page Builder?

Whenever you set up a WordPress website, one of the earliest challenges is to figure out the look and feel of it. You start looking for themes but chances are they do not cater to your customized site requirements. You might end up coding a particular feature yourself only if you’re a coding fanatic. But what if you have a non-technical background? That’s where WordPress Page Builders come in handy.

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How to Make Money With WordPress?

Back in the days, when WordPress was introduced to the tech world some people speculated about the ability of an open-source script despite being all-free. Turned out that it not only revolutionized the writing experience but with time it emerged as a robust website developing software.

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How to Be A Rockstar WordPress Designer?

WordPress web design can be sometimes confusing, especially if you’re just getting started with this career path. You might have a hard time understanding the tasks that are segregated between WordPress developers and designers.

The role of WordPress designers and developers is often mixed and clients also tend to interchange them. However, to be a master in both paths, one should have a lot of skill set and experience in the fields. So, it is difficult for a WP developer to be a pro at designing, and similarly for a WP designer to be a good developer is also very difficult. Usually, designers do have a basic knowledge about developers and vice versa, but it does not replace the need of the other in the WordPress community. Thus, differentiating the role of the two is very essential.

Let’s understand these two roles and then dig further deep into tips and tricks that could help you become a rockstar WordPress designer.

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How to Create A WordPress Staging Site?

We all must have heard about prototypes of various products. According to Wikipedia, “A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process.” Before launching a product for the public to use, its prototype is first made and evaluated so that it turns out to be the best for the people.

As with prototypes, you can refine and validate your designs so your brand can release the right products. Similarly, in web development, a staging site fulfills the role of a prototype. Let us dig into that more.

website needs and budget

How to Create Long Form Content in WordPress?

Content is the master of any website. When it comes to driving audience (engagement) to any website, content plays a vital role in this regard. Since there is a lot of competition around, to stand out from the rest, the content of the website should be in-depth and of good quality that is capable enough to attract audiences.

Content can either be short-formed or long-formed.

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How to Select A WordPress Theme?

Whenever someone visits your WordPress website, the first thing that gets noticed is its appearance. This comes as a default attribute since anything that looks visually appealing gathers the most attention from the human brain. The same applies to a WordPress site as well. Dull, boring, and slow running websites will automatically divert traffic to your competitor websites and I’m sure you will not want it to happen. Therefore, after setting up a WordPress website you should always pay heed to what theme you’re going to use.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 5 Steps?

If you have a WordPress website, your work isn’t only restricted to choosing a domain name and setting things up. A greater responsibility comes when you choose your web hosting service. Because it’s the foundation of a website and several prospects are attached to it so, you must wisely decide.

Tons of WordPress hosting options are available out there, but it seems to be a tedious task in selecting the best WordPress host for your site. When I was looking for a WordPress host for my website I had to do a lot of internet surfacing and only then I was able to find the most decent option that catered to my needs.

I know this struggle and I’ll help you by penning down this article which features all the tips and tricks to choose the best WordPress hosting without doing much of a search.

So sit back and enjoy your coffee while reading this article.

On-Page SEO

How to do on-page SEO in WordPress?

For website owners, it has always been very important that their website rank well and it attracts more audiences. Therefore, improving their site to increase its visibility for relevant searches, search engine optimization (SEO) should be constantly prioritized. This is extremely significant as the more visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract customers to your business.


An Easy Guide to Set Up an eCommerce Website with WordPress

Making your WordPress website turn into a business is not a cumbersome task. Here in this tutorial, I’ll be sharing with you a step-by-step guide by following which you’ll be able to set up an eCommerce site very easily.

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