Hola amigos!

I am Maham Batool. I’m currently studying to be a Civil Engineer. I completed my O-levels with a double promotion.

I’ve had a turbulent life with many speed breakers. I got admitted to a well renowned Med school as my mother wanted me to become a doctor. Since childhood, I was averse to the idea of being a physician and wanted engineering as my profession but had to surrender due to my mother’s wish.

After studying in Med school for about 4–5 months, my mother realized that I was not meant to be a doctor. So I started preparing for additional mathematics. It almost seemed impossible to ace a subject which was all alien to me, but by the grace of God, I scored well and got admission in engineering university.

Engineering runs in every single allele of my body. I’m very passionate about my profession. I love to try different and new stuff. I consider my self a person full of spirit always ready to experiment. My mind is overflowing with innovative ideas. I’ve made the impossible possible. I’ve got this huge love for interior designing and gets inspired by viewing different stuff on internet. I’m not a professional designer, but learning to be one. Apart from interior designing, I’m very passionate about civil engineering as well.

Pray Work Smile is my life’s Motto and is something that I genuinely believe in. My aspiration is to outdo in my profession, but at the same time, I want to explore every single thing that does not repel me and to carry my love for designing forward.