AutoCAD is an essential software not only for engineers and designers but also for common people. Now one doesn’t need to install the whole software. We can access AutoCAD from our web browser. πŸ’»

If you forgot your laptop at home in which you have installed AutoCAD, and you want to create new designs then nothing to worry aboutπŸ’―. As now Autocad web application 2019 allows one to create, view and edit designs without installation of the whole software. Just type,Β and you get access to the software.

With the help of AutoCAD mobile app, you can create, view, edit and even share CAD drawings with anyone πŸ“±. Now people working on site doesn’tΒ need to carry the burden of those enormous number of drawings with them as all of them are available by just a click of a button. Further, internet connection is also not vital as once you have downloaded the file you can work without internet connection as well. With this new version, you can access your files from any device.