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🛣 Plastic Roads — A Revolutionary Step Towards New Beginning

Plastic pollution has always been on the hot list for many years. Non-biodegradable plastic has adversely affected the ecosystem. This problem now doesn’t remain unresolved as engineers have started working on using recycled plastic in construction.

Girls and Civil Engineering!

Opting for Civil Engineering as my profession wasn’t easy for me. The world that we live in is entitled to be a male-dominated arena. The birth of feminism opened many opportunities for women.

High Five World! 🙂

Hola amigos!

I am Maham Batool. I’m currently studying to be a Civil Engineer. I completed my O-levels with a double promotion.

This Is Me

I’m starting my very first personal blog. I can’t share how happy that makes me feel. It’s almost like an accomplishment in itself. But I won’t take all the credit here.

The fact of the matter is, I received a lot of help from my brother in law, Ahmad Awais — who happens to know WordPress and building sites very well.

More on this later…

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